Bodies of the House of Representatives (2016-2021)


The President of the House of Representatives is elected twice by secret ballot, at the beginning of the legislative mandate and in the April session of the third year of this legislature. He ensures the proper functioning of the House of Representatives and coordination between the various bodies of the House. He also presides over the Bureau, presidents’ conference and plenary sessions, in addition to other functions set out in the constitution.View page of Président


consists of the President, eight Vice-Presidents, two quaestors and three parliamentary secretaries. The Bureau members are elected at the beginning of the legislative mandate and in the April session of the third year of the legislature, on the basis of proportional representation for each group. It ensures the overall management of the House and draws up its agenda.access to page of Board 

Group and Parliamentary Groups: 

parliamentary group consist of at least twenty deputies belonging to one or more political parties, chaired by one of its members.

Groups, for their part, consist of at least four parliamentary deputies not members in parliamentary groups. The Bureau of the House of Representatives provides parliamentary group and groups with different human and material resources to support deputies in the exercise of their functions. View list of Groups and Parliamentary Groups 

Presidents’ Conference:

It is composed of the President of the House of Representatives, the presidents of parliamentary groups, the Chairmen of the Standing Committees and the Vice-Presidents of the House. 

Parliamentary committees:

the chairs of parliamentary committees are elected at the beginning of the legislative mandate, and in the April session of the third year of the same legislature. There are eight parliamentary committees in the current legislative mandate. Access to space of Parliamentary standing committees  

Secretary General's office:

it is composed of various departments and administrative services under the supervision of the Secretary General. It provides support and administrative services relating to the different functions and competences of the House of Representatives. Approach to biography of the general secretary