Parliamentary diplomacy

"Awave of the imperative to reinforce its role at the international level, the Kingdom of Morocco, an active member within the international organizations, is committed to subscribe to the principles, rights and obligations enounced in their respective charters and conventions.

it also conffirms its attachment to the Rights of Man such as they are universally recognized, as well as its will to continue to work to preserve peace and security in the world.

Founded on these values and these immutable principles, and strong in its firm will to reaffirm the bonds of fraternity, or cooperation, or solidarity and of constructive partnership with all other States, and to work for common progress, the Kingdom of Morocco, [a] united State, totally sovereign, belonging the Grand Maghreb, reaffirms that which follows and commits itself:

– To work for the construction of the Union of the Maghreb, as [a] strategic option;

– To deepen the bonds of togetherness with the Arab and Islamist Ummah [Oumma], and to reinforce the bonds of fraternity and of solidarity with its brother peoples;

– To consolidate relations of cooperation and of solidarity with the peoples and the countries of Africa, notably the  countries of the Sahel and of the Sahara;

–To intensify relations of cooperation, of rapprochement and of partnership with neighboring Euro-Mediterranean countries ;

–To enlarge and to diversify its relations of amity and of its rapport with human, economic, scientific, technical and cultural exchange with the countries of the world;

–To reinforce South-South cooperation [coopération Sud-Sud];

–To protect and to promote the mechanisms [dispositifs] of the Rights of Man and of international humanitarian law and to contribute to their development within their indivisibility and their universality;

–To ban and combat all discrimination whenever it encounters it, for reason of sex, or color, of beliefs, of culture, of social or regional origin, of language, of handicap or whatever personal circumstance that may be;

–To comply with [accorder] the international conventions duly ratified by it, within the framework of the provisions of the Constitution and of the laws of the Kingdom, within respect for its immutable national identity, and on the publication of these conventions, [their] primacy over the internal law of the country, and to harmonize in consequence the pertinent provisions of national legislation."

Excerpt from the Preamble of the 2011 Constitution


in the light of Morocco's role on the international level either in the consolidation of peace and security in the world or the strenghtering of mutual understanding and cooperation between peoples, the Moroccan parliamentary diplomacy has seen distinguished dynamism.