M. Habib El Malki elected President of the House of Representatives, on Monday 16 January 2017.

> 16/01/2017

M. Habib El Malki elected President of the House of Representatives, on Monday 16 January 2017.


Mr. Habib El Malki, elected on Monday as the new Speaker of the House of Representatives, was born on 15 April 1946 in Bijaâd (province of Khouribga).

Mr. El Malki is Professor of Economics at the Mohammed V University, Chairman of the Mediterranean Studies and Research Group (MSRG) and President of the Moroccan Center for Economic Studies (CMS).

On November, 12th 1990, he was appointed by the late King His Majesty Hassan II, Secretary General of the National Council for Youth and the Future (NCYF).


He was elected Member of Parliament representing the USFP party ( Socialist Union of Popular Forces) at the House of Representatives during the legislatures :1997-2002;  2007- 2011 and re-elected in 2016.

El Malki is a member of the “Academy of the Kingdom of Morocco".


In March 1998, he was appointed Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Maritime Fisheries in the transitional Government led by Abderrahmane El Youssoufi, prior to his appointment as Minister of Education and Youth, and  Minister of Education, Higher Education, Vocational Training, and Scientific Research in 2004.

Mr. El Malki is holder of:

-  the Wissam of the Throne at the rank of  Officer ;

-  the Medal of Economic Merit awarded by the Luso-Arab Institute of Cooperation ; and 

- the French” Légion d’Honneur”.