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Constitution 2011 of Moroccan Kingdom


“ Faithful to its irreversible choice to construct a democratic State of Law, the Kingdom of Morocco resolutely pursues the process of consolidating and reinforcing the institutions

of a modern State, based on the principles of participation, pluralism and good governance. It develops a solidarityoriented society where everyone enjoys security, liberty, equal opportunities, respect for dignity, social justice, within the framework of the principle of correlation between rights and duties of citizenship.

 The Kingdom of Morocco is a sovereign Muslim State that is attached to its national unity and its territorial integrity, and committed to preserve in its fullness and diversity its national identity, one and indivisible. Its unity is forged by the convergence of its Arab-Islamist, Amazigh and Saharan-Hassanic components, nourished and enriched by its African, Andalusian, Hebraic and Mediterranean influences. The preeminence accorded to the Muslim religion in the national reference goes hand in hand with the attachment of the Moroccan people to the values of openness, moderation, tolerance, dialogue and mutual understanding between all the human cultures and civilizations.

 Aware of the imperative to reinforce its role at the international level, the Kingdom of Morocco, an active member within the international organizations, is committed to subscribe to the principles, rights and obligations enounced in their respective charters and conventions. It also confirms its attachment to Human Rights such as they are universally recognized, as well as its will to continue to work to preserve peace and security in the world.”

 Excerpt from the Preamble of the 2011 Constitution

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